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Browse the tea worlds of TEE-MAASS! Here you will find delicious tea compositions from specialist retailers and matching gift items as a highlight for your customers. Find our current design collections that match your assortment and seasonal tea packaging. Compile your collections of tea, tea sets, napkins, tea caddies and many other items. Of course we also offer appealing and practical presentation material.
Winter Tea Bags
Our new winter tea bags from the 2020 collection
Winter Tea Bags
Winter Cans 2020
Winter and Christmas Cans
Winter tins for tea, biscuits and much more
Our current winter dishes
Winter Mugs and Dishes
Winter Mugs and Dishes
Tea Postcards
Tea Postcards in Winter Design
Tea Postcards in Winter Design
Sweets and Snackfood
Waffles, Chocolates and other Goodies
Sweets and Snackfood
Delicious Liqueurs for every Occasion
Delicious Liqueurs
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Spices and Salts

News from Tee-Maass

Here we present the latest news from our tea kitchen, exciting activities for bargain hunters and our next fair dates to meet us on site.

new tea Cistus-Ingwer
Cistus-Ingwer …
News from the tea kitchen
Offers at attractive conditions.
Fruity winter mood
Tea of the month
Online Fair on YouTube
Theodor Maass GmbH on YouTube
Online Fair Winter 2020

Black Tea

With our large range of black teas, we offer you and your customers a comprehensive taste experience. Lovers of classic teas and blends will find just as much as friends of extravagant and flavored varieties. We regularly create new varieties in our house and set our own trends. Our darjeelings, assams, ceylon and other classic teas are constantly subjected to a comprehensive quality inspection to provide you with the best possible product. To our Black Tea

Green Tea

What connoisseurs have long appreciated, is now also becoming aware of a broader customer base. Green tea wins not least by the noble taste more and more lovers and loyal fans. Our green teas from Japan, China or India are convincing. Whether Sencha, Bancha, Gyokuro or green Darjeelings - our teas are chosen with the utmost care. Quite naturally or with the most different flavors and fragrances - here you will find something. To our Green Tea

Fruit Tea

We offer you and your customers a huge selection of fruit teas that have it all! With the greatest care, we are constantly inventing new varieties and creations. Whether as a hot drink or ice tea, with our varieties they appeal to a wide audience. Ingredients such as various berries, mango, pear, rhubarb or strawberries play the main role here. With our fruit teas it will be exotic or very local. But it will always be delicious! To our Fruit Tea


Redbush does not only convince by its unique taste. The "tea" from the distant Western Cape of South Africa can be enjoyed in many different ways. He is already a pure pleasure, but it can also be perfectly combined with other ingredients and flavors. This is how unique mixtures are created in our tea kitchen. Whether fruity fresh with mango, orange and Co. or aromatic with marzipan or caramel - with us you will find the right combination. To our Redbush

Herbal Blends

Here we offer real "classics", but also exciting reinterpretations. Our herbal teas are anything but boring! In our own tea kitchen we try again and again new creations. Of course you will also find classic peppermint, chamomile or fennel tea. But many extraordinary ingredients find their way into our mixtures. Lemongrass, bamboo, Moringa, tomato, hemp ... the possibilities are endless. To our Herbal Blends
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