Experience the exceptionally floral First Flush from the Singtom tea garden. Its golden-yellow, harmonious, and aromatic cup unfolds a fruity-fresh aroma that will delight you. Savor the exquisite quality of this tea and immerse yourself in the world of finest tea artistry.
Kühl, trocken und vor Licht geschützt lagern.
Product Number
East Frisian leaf
Schwarzer Tee

Product number: 61030 To product
East Frisian Blend
Schwarzer Tee

Product number: 61040 To product
Ceylon Entkoffiniert Std. 17183 FBOP
Schwarzer Tee

Product number: 41503 To product
English Breakfast Broken
Schwarzer Tee

Product number: 61500 To product
Elb Schipper house blend
Schwarzer Tee

Product number: 61210 To product
Five O' Clock tea FOP
Schwarzer Tee

Product number: 61501 To product
Frisian Sunday tea Assam
Schwarzer Tee

Product number: 61503 To product
Organic Darjeeling Earl Grey
Schwarzer Tee

Product number: 9502B To product
Here our tea is produced: Darjeeling

Our Cultivation Regions

Worldwide, there is a large number of tea cultivation regions where different climate and soil conditions produce an impressive variety of tea types. From the misty slopes of China and India to the fertile highlands of Sri Lanka and the picturesque plantations of Japan – each cultivation region shapes the unique taste and aroma of its teas. Join us on a delightful journey through the world of tea!

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